Workshop: How to Sit, Stand, and Work Smarter in Academia: Ergonomic Considerations
At this workshop, Jon Cinkay, PT discussed how to incorporate ergonomic considerations into academic settings.

Tips for Organizing Your Work and Studyspace
This video from the Hospital for Special Surgery's Joint Mobility Center offers ergonomic tips to help you optimize your workstation. From your computer setup, to the type of desk chair you use, to the way you type and use your mouse, the video reviews the steps you can take to improve your work and studyspace.

powerpoint by Physical Therapist Jon Cinkay, presented at his 2019 workshop on Ergonomics in Academia. These slides cover the variety of ways you can make your every day life safer and prevent injury, with a focus on the workplace.

Another desk ergonomics video from Ellen Kolber, Occupational Therapist at the Center for Health and Healing at Beth Israel Medical Center, offers suggestions to help optimize your workstation comfort and functionality.

Ergonomic Evaluations
The Joint Mobility Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery offers ergonomic evaluations to help you optimize the fit of your workstation and improve your workspace.