Obtaining Care Working with Providers

Navigating NYSHIP & the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

New York State Health Insurance Plan (NYSHIP)

**Information may not be accurate based on plan changes, etc. Please consult your plan guide, call insurance company, or contact the GC NYSHIP Coordinator at svoorhees@gc.cuny.edu to confirm eligibility for services.**

Affordable Care Act 

Routine Examinations and Other Medical Appointments

Preparing For Your Appointment

  • Create a health history that includes your current conditions and past surgeries or illnesses. Bring it to your appointment.
  • Know your family’s health history, such as your parents’ health conditions.
  • Bring a list of your current medicines with you.
  • In some cases, it is helpful to ask someone to go to your appointment with you to help you understand and remember answers to your questions.

Question Builder (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
Be prepared for your next medical appointment. Create a list of questions that you can take with you whether you are getting a checkup, talking about a problem or health condition, getting a prescription, or discussing a medical test or surgery. Whatever the reason for your visit, it is important to be prepared.

Make Notes & Take Notes During Medical Appointments (Nassau Council for Patient Information and Education)

Talking with Healthcare Providers

About Nurse Practitioners (American College of Nurse Practitioners)

Quick Tips for Talking with Your Doctor (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

10 Questions to Ask About the Medicines You Take (National Council on Patient Information and Education/BeMedWise)

Keeping track of your health over time

Take Care NY Passport (NYC Department of Health)

Blood Pressure Tracker (American Heart Association)

My Medication Log (NYC Department of Health)