Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following Housing frequently asked questions:

All matriculated graduate students at the Graduate Center, the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, and other CUNY campuses are eligible. Students need to be in good academic and financial standing as well as progressing toward a degree.

The license has a 12-month term. It functions like a lease, except that a renter must maintain eligibility in order for it to remain in effect.

Licenses may be renewed annually for students who remain in good academic and financial standing.

All eligible students will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Those students who have been accepted must sign the license agreement and make the necessary deposit.

Two-months' rent is required at the signing of the license–-one as a refundable security deposit and the other as the first month’s rent.

Heat and water are included; electricity, telephone, and cable service will be billed separately.

No. The only initial eligibility factor is your status as a student in good standing and progressing toward a degree.

Yes. Each bedroom will have a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and chair. The common area will have a kitchen table, chairs, and lounge furniture. The kitchen includes a stovetop, microwave, refrigerator, sink, and cabinets. There are no dishes, linens, pots, pans, or cutlery.

Two-, three-, and four-bedroom units will be occupied by individual students. Groups of students who want to share units may do so upon request. Of course, all must be eligible and have been selected for residence.

Yes. Students with spouses, partners, and/or children must rent entire units. These will be studios or one- or two-bedroom units.

Yes. A superintendent will have 24/7 responsibilities to respond to facility, maintenance and mechanical issues.

Individual students may license an entire unit or may license a bedroom in a multi-bedroom unit. If you license a bedroom in a multi-bedroom unit, the other occupants of the unit will be assigned by the Graduate Center.

No. Subletting is a violation of the license agreement.

No. The entire facility is smoke free, including terraces, the rooftop garden, and the first-floor lounge.

No. Animals of any kind are not allowed in the facility except as assistance for the disabled.

Student Disability Services works to provide and support equal access to all programs, services, and activities of the Graduate Center and the University for Graduate Center students with disabilities.

Learn about available accommodations and support services

No. All that is available is street parking.

Each student is living on a separate license. You are only responsible for your own payment each month.

Your application will be placed on a waiting list. You will receive an email reply with additional instructions and will be contacted by the GC Housing Office as vacancies become available.

Yes. There is an assigned guard 24/7.

Yes. There are security cameras located both within the building as well as in front of the building.

Yes. As a resident you may make prior arrangements with the security desk to receive packages on your behalf.

There are subways and buses located two blocks from the residence building. In addition, the security desk has telephone numbers for taxi pick-up.