Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program accept applications for Spring admissions?

No. We only accept students in the Fall of each year.

Is financial assistance available for MA students in the Women’s and Gender Studies program?

Please note: The Graduate Center, CUNY, offers limited funding for MA in Women’s and Gender Studies students. We have compiled a list of grant, fellowship, and scholarship resources for masters students. Information about tuition at the Graduate Center can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Is the MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies different from the Women’s Studies Certificate Program?

Yes. The Women’s Studies Certificate Program is available only to students enrolled in PhD programs at the Graduate Center.

As a Master’s student, can I participate in a Certificate Program?

No. The Certificate Programs are for PhD Students only.

Can I transfer from MALS to the MA Program?

The Master in Liberal Studies (MALS) and the MA in Women’s and Gender Studies are two separate programs with different admissions processes and requirements.

Can I transfer from the MA Program to MALS?

The MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies and the MA in Liberal Studies (MALS) are two different programs with different application processes and requirements.

What are the requirements beyond coursework?

All students are required to complete either a thesis of approximately 50 pages or an internship. Students will be supervised by faculty in the program who will serve as their thesis advisers, and by the director of the MA program. See requirements for more information.

For my internship or thesis, which faculty member will I be able to work with?

The MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies offers students the possibility of studying with a large array of well-established scholars in the CUNY system. It is expected that students will choose a faculty member who is familiar with their work to supervise the internship or thesis, in consultation with the MA Program Director. See here for a full listing of current Women’s and Gender Studies faculty at CUNY.

When is the application due?

For the most up-to-date admissions deadline, please visit the Admissions Deadlines page.

How long will it take me to finish the MA?

Someone attending full-time could complete the degree in 1.5 years. Part-time students will have up to 4 years to complete the degree.

Upon completing the MA Program, can I continue on to a PhD Program?

There is not a PhD Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at CUNY. However, students may seek to apply their MA credits to a PhD program at CUNY or another institution.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is the same for any program at the Graduate Center. See the Admissions page for the most up to date terms and fees.

Can I waive the application fee?

The application fee is only waived for United States Armed Services Veterans and MacNair Scholars. See the Admissions page for more information.

What should I do if I have questions regarding the application process?

Questions regarding the Admissions process should be directed to the Admissions office. Questions regarding the MA Program may be directed to:

If I am not coming directly out of undergraduate studies, can I still apply?

Yes. The MA Program in Women’s and Gender welcomes students who have recently completed their Bachelor’s degree as well as students who are coming from a professional background.

I am an international student; can I still apply?

Yes. We encourage international students to apply. For more information on applying to CUNY as an international student, see Prospective Students: International Students.

If I am not coming directly out of undergraduate studies, whom should I request recommendation letters from?

Your two recommendations letters may be written by anyone in a professional supervising position who can speak to your work.

If I am not coming directly out of undergraduate studies, what can I submit for a writing sample?

The writing sample of 10-15 pages should be in an essay format and should demonstrate your ability to express ideas clearly and effectively. It does not have to come from a class assignment; for example, it could be a policy document or a literary essay.

If I am an international student, can I submit my writing sample in any language other than English?

No. Because almost all of the course work and the thesis or internship will be conducted in English only, it is expected that students applying be proficient in English. Your writing sample and all other application documents must be submitted in English. International students are also required to submit TOEFL test scores or other verification of their ability to communicate in English. For more information, see Prospective Students: International Students: English Language Requirements.

Will I be able to transfer credits from another program?

Generally, all M.A. students must complete the required courses at the Graduate Center. However, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Students interested in transferring credits must email the Women’s and Gender Studies Director.

Is there a PhD Program in Women’s and Gender Studies?

No. At this time, there is not a PhD Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at CUNY. However, other institutions do offer a comparable PhD Program. See our Resources page for a list of other Women’s and Gender Studies Programs.

Are there other Master’s programs in Women’s and Gender studies in the region?

The MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at the Graduate Center is the first of its kind in the New York metropolitan area. However, there are other MA and PhD programs in New York state and the Northeast region, as well as across the country.

Will I be able to enroll in courses at the consortium schools, including NYU and Columbia?

No. The Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC) is open to doctoral students from participating schools who have completed at least one year of full-time study (or equivalent) toward the Ph.D. Please be advised that Terminal Masters students are not eligible.